Someone has a square sandbox.

When we were young and would play at a friend’s house, we had to abide by their rules: Your He-Man castle, your blanket fort, your sandbox – your rules. Now as adults, we have similar practices, only it becomes more refined. Your… wait, never mind, it is exactly the same thing. Swap the doll castle for a 4 poster bed and you’re on your way. Think of an adult sleepover. You’re in their home and respect that. They like the left side of the bed; you give it up. Although, in these situations, there can be great compromise as you are hopefully getting naked and meeting on mutual ground for playtime. For the most part, I am sure the neighbors like it when you come to visit, as trips to the fridge to get hydration are often pantsless with disheveled hair. MmmHmm. Sharing is caring.

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