.Connection is Made.

I’ve been steeping in the space of trusting and knowing that energy is infinite and renewable, it’s truly the basis of my spirituality. But there are those times, so often in life when we feel drained, when we know we are depleted and when we struggle to dig to the deepest of depths to fill our cups back up to the brim.

My last year had me doing this, constantly sipping from my soul chalice, hoping and praying there was still some nectar to be had to allow me to forage on. To allow me to not only honour and embody my fullest self, but to give, authentically and graciously to others.

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2 . 0 . 1 . 5 : a mirror



“The best thing you can do for an artist is hire them.”
(Jo Boobs? Cass King? I swear it was one of those power pussies!)

My reflections, as the last day of the year is upon us, turn inward. I kept thinking I would have more time to write about the immense fulfillment the last year has brought me. How I’ve been moved multiple times by kindness and generosity. How being bestowed with opportunities in my industry have moved me to tears. How the balance of performing / traveling / teaching and training exhausted me, but in the same breath invigorated me. How I was able to become more deeply connected to those I know and was given space to encompass so many more new relationships. How being part of an industry that is thick with art, beauty, creativity and glamour doesn’t come without struggle, friction, uncertainty and heartache. How each one of us carries stories of triumph and failure. How we can judge ourselves and each other – you can always do better, do more, someone is always doing more and doing it better.

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