.In your debt.

I am indeed a wealthy woman. One who can bankroll a heart, can shell out mad abundance and front the bill on kindness. My currency is love and I have very deep pockets. As wealthy as I am there is also a great debt that I carry: the debt of gratitude. This debt is not heavy like a sack of carbon blocks slung over your shoulder bogging you down; repressive. This is a weightless wonderment, a renewable resource. It exists everywhere and is begging to be claimed; cultivated.

I have an immense debt of gratitude for the creative community to which I belong. Each individual making a whole, holding hands, standing on shoulders and being pulled up by each other. Gleaming as we shine in our own light and in turn illuminating the person standing next to us. Finding my voice on the burlesque stage has been invaluable to becoming the person I am and am still becoming. Writing is another layer of communication I am slowly opening up to. It scares the sh*t out me and I love it. I am finally ready to explore it.

My debt of gratitude will never be re-payed in this lifetime, but everyday I can dole out a serving of righteous love and blessings to the many gifted, compassionate, intelligent and good looking people I have in my corner. The following artists I am proud to call friends, I am inspired by these people as humans, writers and expressionists. They are unique, flawed and undeniably incredible – they also have great voices. Whispered in your ear, belted on stage or laid out in copy. You want to consume their words by the mouthful, spilling a bit on your chin as you drink. These dazzling few have not only lent their time to read and edit my blog posts, but actually encouraged me to write more.

With all my gratitude, love, sass and spanks may I present ~
some people you want to know.

Bastard Keith by JM Darling www.bastardkeith.com

Sandra O’Connell by Ned Tobin www.sandraoconnell.com
C.R. Avery by David Denofreo www.cravery.com

Little Miss Risk by Ed Araquel www.littlemissrisk.ca

Crystal Fucking Precious by Brandon Gaukel Seime therealcrystalprecious.blogspot.ca
Ned Tobin by Ned Tobin nedtobin.com
Baron S. Cameron by Baron S. Cameron loudmouthbear.wordpress.com


  1. As always I am in your debt for taking the time to listen about my own insecurities.It’s so rare to find someone so strong with an open heart.

    Stay amazing.

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