BassCoast or How I made love to the River and won the Rave.

Some of my greatest epiphanies have been on a dance floor.
I have seen and felt things that have changed my life forever, in moments that last only fractions of seconds. There is something indescribable about being part of something greater than what you are, a connectedness that you share with the entire universe.

This is not something reserved for a few or the proud, it is your right simply by being alive. It’s the feeling and acknowledgement that you are indeed ~ Divine. There are various methods and theories on how to tap into this “feeling”, but quite honestly, it is just a practice of “being” it.

Music, dance and community gatherings have long been a gateway into tapping in to this experience. Bring those things together in nature and you have a winning combination for letting the earth, moon, sun and stars shine out of your veins.

Enter BassCoast.

A 3 day music festival set in an exquisite valley surrounded by the mountains and rivers of beautiful British Columbia. A gathering place of like-minded individuals set on bringing together what and how they love to an equal playing field for elevation of the self and each other.

Something happens in the city after a while – even if you are connected to the environment, to nature, it becomes a theory instead of a practice. We are no longer actually infused by it, we live off the memory of it.

I know I love the water, how it rushes over my skin, how the salty unfathomable depths of the ocean hold me up without effort. But when you have not dipped your toes in it for some time the feelings are only memories, tiny vibrations in which you recall the immense power of being alive, which you can only draw from actually doing it.

On the Sunday of the festival the river and I took some time to be alive together. Quite frankly, we made love. That river ran through me, over me, in me and all around me. Not stopping for a second in its rushing rapids to question if I was part of it, those currents told me I was home. Allowing me to have an infusion of the ancient wisdom it carries, uninhibited by thought, drawing only on instinct.

The dusty riverbanks were full of people – naked, half naked, dressed up, dancing, singing, bonding and sharing. The music from the main stage was blending seamlessly with the environment while the sun-soaked laughter and conversations echoed throughout the valley. It provided the perfect soundtrack to lose and find yourself all at once.

I thanked that river for a good time, gave it my number and told her I would be back sooner that she thought.

Tribal mindset, community, an open heart and lots of skin – as nature intended. It reminds us to share. Your food, your beauty, your intelligence. To value what you have, what each other has, and what the earth is providing you so that you may experience these gifts.

The blazing sun brought on an onslaught of beautiful flesh to admire and worship, decorated as little or as much as one desires. Men and women alike celebrating who they are and encouraging the next to do the same. I see now why they also call this festival BabeCoast. The seamless sensuality that nature offers, the pure sexual bounty that exists within the earth is so much more evident when you immerse yourself – when you let it in, and in turn, let it out.

I am fortunate to exist within a community in the city that worships and encourages unbridled sexual energy as a non-issue. The Burlesque world brings many elements to the table but one of them is being comfortable and being able to express your sexuality. We are sexual creatures, we are allowed to be, we are destined to be.

I don’t mean you have to be having sexual relations with everything that moves. I mean being aware of the energy that comes from being sexual. The personal power connected with your Divine right as a sexual being. When one is in the city, we are blatantly bombard with what that means. There is exploitation, expectation and false representations of what it means and feels like to be sexual. Nature, never imposes that upon you. You are part of it, therefore it accepts you, and whispers in your ear to become more of yourself. Naked or not, you are sill divine in natures eyes.

I come to you with a recommendation: When in doubt, go back to nature. Even if you can’t get out of the city – visit the water, the grass, the trees, take your shoes off (unless you don’t think you will get caught, take it all off), and let yourself have an infusion. You deserve it.

Thank you to Liz and Andrea of The Bass Coast Project for creating the space for people to come together, and for inviting us to perform. A huge thank you to the hundreds of people who help put the festival on, and to the thousands of like-minded people who attend and got down with the Sass.
~ ~

Glenn McLelland took this amazing aerial footage of the festival, including the grounds, river and art installations.

All photos used besides the first one of me and the mountains are used with permission and shot by Luke Szczepanski (
To view the rest of his incredible shots from the weekend check out –


  1. This sounds kind of amazing actually, and it is awesome to live in a world that has things like this. Personally I am starting to learn to be more open about things, more comfortable, but it is hard sometimes for me since I had that lovely Catholic raising. I find it very encouraging that you and people like you are out there getting the world to open up. Thank you for that.

    1. Little by little we can make those choices and not depend on our past to tell us to hold back. I brought a first timer to this years, and he is quite open, but was still astounded at what was created there. 🙂

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