.Music is my Boyfriend.

I have many Lovers and one Mistress. The Stage and I are in a very intimate relationship you see; she is my one true Mistress. The one I sneak off to at night to dance upon, crawl across and radiate from. She accepts that she is not with me all day everyday and understands my need for many Lovers. She also enjoys when I bring my Lovers to visit her, because there can not be one with out the other. Music is the magic that makes my voyeuristic threesome with the stage complete. Music is what I make love to everyday – morning, noon and night. It is the essential life force that flows through my body, awakening every spark available. Music gives new life, insight, and breath into my body. It has become part of how I communicate, how I translate my emotions and how I connect with my audiences. Music is how I seduce the world.

Everyday is different and calls for a special kind of love sometimes several times a day…
Is there ever a day that goes by when we are not listening to music? That any mood cannot be complemented by the vibrations pulsing from speakers in to us, through us, beyond us?

Let’s explore shall we? Cue the phonograph –

It can be a slow and intentional romp – one so deep and delicious that the sounds are practically holding me up as I swoon in it’s arms, succumbing to it’s charms while it brings me softly to the floor – begging for more.

It can be fast and furious – the necessary pounding and throbbing you crave when you have a demon inside of you that needs release. The teeth grinding, lip curling, fingernails down the back kind of ride where you drown in a ocean of salty sweat.
It can be gentle and caressing, like butterfly wings and summer breezes. Like a million soft kissed across your skin dancing in the moonlight. A perfect pas de deux while stargazing in each others eyes, finding maps of galaxies you have never experienced. Eventually folding into a lullaby whispered tenderly next to your ear, the tiny hairs on the back of the neck being brushed with breath.

Or it can be the heart pounding, hair pulling, clothes tossing, explode your own skin kind of romance. The ones where you can see through time and all you want is for the… song… to never end. Finding new places to take your… choreography… and going beyond your limitations as a… dancer… to reach the perfect… crescendo… of body waving hip thrusting bliss.

Standing nearly naked on the stage, leaving your heart, soul and clothing in your wake, audience fully satisfied and you, ready for another go.
Play it again Sam…
The possibilities are endless, and not just for the stage – my studio floor can vouch for that.
Just press play and let your Lover come out to dance.

“Music seduces our heart to awaken, to feel more deeply, boldly, and colorfully the preciousness of being human.”
~Sean Johnson

“Music is my Hot Hot Sex.”

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  1. This is so beautiful. I really love how you express your love of music as I am not as elequently spoken. I feel exactly the same so I thank you for putting my love into words as it is a wonderful talent to be able to express something like this… I have a company called Glitter Damage and was going to my email and I found you, SO GREAT… my name is Lola and Lola and Glitter Damage brought me to you! Hope your days are filled with laughter and drama of the highest regard, as that is what glitter damage is all about!! XoXoX…

    1. Lola,
      Thank you so very much for your lovely words! I am thrilled you enjoyed it and found a bit of a voice in the post. Writing is new to me and your feedback warmed my heart.
      Keep in touch via FB or Twitter about your Glitter Damage, it sounds very intriguing and right up my alley.

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