Someone has a square sandbox.

When we were young and would play at a friend’s house, we had to abide by their rules: Your He-Man castle, your blanket fort, your sandbox – your rules. Now as adults, we have similar practices, only it becomes more refined. Your… wait, never mind, it is exactly the same thing. Swap the doll castle for a 4 poster bed and you’re on your way. Think of an adult sleepover. You’re in their home and respect that. They like the left side of the bed; you give it up. Although, in these situations, there can be great compromise as you are hopefully getting naked and meeting on mutual ground for playtime. For the most part, I am sure the neighbors like it when you come to visit, as trips to the fridge to get hydration are often pantsless with disheveled hair. MmmHmm. Sharing is caring.

When it comes to sharing is caring and possibly TMI with others, we need look no further than social media platforms, an open book with volumes to scroll through! Endless hours of entertainment; some better than others. But I am not here to discriminate on what is good or bad. I am here to comment on what is naked and what is not. Last week I was banned from Facebook for the 3rd time for 3 days for a picture that had been on my account for about 7 months. The picture is of Melody Mangler and I in our VIBF performance at the Vogue theatre and yes, features us in pasties and g-strings. Now, I understand fully that Boobies are not a crime and if I am not mistaken people actually really enjoy looking at them, all genders alike. Facebook on the other hand has a problem with them. I and many others like me are learning that one kick off, re-set up at a time. I am annoyed and understanding at the same time. I signed up under their rules in their square ass little sandbox, so I will play within them.

I spent about 1.5 hours going through my photos, there are a lot, too many if you ask me…ah sharing, otherwise known as look at ME and my super talented, intelligent and attractive friends!!! I then pulled down anything I thought might be even close to being flagged. I can use other avenues to show the ta-ta’s, the goods, the bazooms, the frosting, the goodies, the happy makers, the jugs, the sweater puppies, the dirty pillows, other than FB and I do. Oh yes, I do.
Here is a best in show of the 49 images I took down. Happy Boobing!
(Oh and there is some butt crack in there too, naturally. Have you met me?)

Enjoy Lovers,

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